Total of English major gratuates holds steady

The number of students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree has stayed around 50,000 for the last two decades. According to the National Center for Education Statistics’ Digest of Education Statistics: 2010, there were 55,462 of a total 1,601,369 Bachelor’s degrees awarded by “degree-granting institutions in the 2008-2009 school year to graduates studying English language and literature.

The study’s first recorded numbers come from the 1970-71 shcool year in which 63,914 Bachelor’s degrees were conferred.  That number dropped to 41,452 degrees in 1975-76 and again to 31,922 degrees in 1980-81.  However, by the 1990-91 school year 51,064 English language and literature degrees were beign awarded (Table 282).

Out of a total 656,784 Master’s degrees awarded in the 2008-2009 school year, 9,261 were in English language and literature (Table 283). In the same year, 1,580 doctorates were awarded (Table 284).

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