You’ve got it, now use it.

As an English major, you have a pretty wide set of skills.  You can analyze text, argue effectively, think creatively, research well and write clearly and consicely among other things.  All in all if you decide not to pursue a career in academia you ohave a wide variety of skills to market to potential employers.

Here is a list of the most commonly suggested fields for English majors to go into after graduation.

Technical Writer

Technical writers have to be good with the english language and details. They must also be able to break down complicated topics and concepts so they can be easily understood.


Librarians need to be able to direct patrons to the material they are looking for as well as make recommendations.  They also need a good grasp of literature and to be able to research and analyze data.


English majors make a study of the English language making them well aquointed with word usage, sentance structure and grammar making them ideal for making sure that writing is ready for public consumption.

Paralegal/Legal assistant/Lawyer

Writing, research and being able to argue a point are all skills necessary in the legal profession as well as the English major.  Having good grammar skills doesn’t hurrt either.


Depending on the laws where you live, a degree in English may be all you need.  It can also be a good building block for a masters in Education.

Information compiled from PayScale, Hub Pages and CareerRookie.

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