How to get ebooks for free

Last week, I told you about Whichbook, a site to help you find new books to read in my post Looking for a new book?.  This week I will introduce you to Scribd, a document sharing site where you can find many ebooks.

Scribd is a social network for books.  Instead of statuses and pictures you share books, magazines and documents.  You can upload your own work, or read what others have uploaded.  It’s not only individuals using Scribd either, big companies like CBSSimon & Schuster and The New York Times upload content too. You can find everything from business presentations to popular novels, and then share what you’re reading with your friends on Scribd, Facebook and Twitter.  You can even embed your documents in your sites on Blogger and WordPress.

All you have to do to get started is create an account.  If you choose to log in with your Facebook account, Scribd will automatically connect you to any of your Facebook friends that are on Scribd.  If you don’t want to connect it to your Facebook, there is also an option to create an account with your email address.

With your account you can create collections where you can store your documents or the documents you find.  There are three different types of collections:

1.  “Public-moderated” meaning anyone can see your collection, and people can add documents with your permission.

2.  “Public-locked” means anyone can view your collection but only you can add documents.

3.  “Private” means only you can view and add documents to your collection.

Another great thing about Scribd is that you can get documents that are compatible with a variety of devices.  Not only can you access documents online, you can also download them as pdf or txt files and send them to any of  your various mobile devices.

I won’t guarantee that you will be able to find every author or book you search for, but if you are willing to be flexible you should be able to find something you will like on Scribd.

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